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Penguins captain Sidney Crosby sat in the dining room of the Bianchin family home signing autographs and chatting with Penguins season-ticket holder Reuben, his wife Molly, and their four children, Sydney, Cole, Tyler and Miles.

'Is there anything you want to ask me?' Crosby prodded.

'Would you like to play hockey with us?' blurted out 7-year-old Tyler.

Crosby then joined Tyler and his brothers Cole, 10, and Miles, 5, in the family driveway to engage in some playful shoot around. Crosby played goalie while the boys – all of whom have taken part in Crosby’s Little Penguins Learn to Play program – took turns showing off their hockey skills.

'Absolutely unbelievable,' Reuben said of the experience. 'When would you ever have a superstar like that just walk in your front door, hand you a package, sit down and have a nice conversation?

'It’s like we won the lottery ticket.'

Crosby and 15 other Penguins hand-delivered ticket packages to various season-ticket holders throughout the greater Pittsburgh area Monday afternoon. It’s something the team has done since 2007.

'We’ve been doing this for a long time,' Crosby said. 'To be able to meet the people individually – you see the masses at games, but don’t get to see everyone personally – to be able to do that is the best way we can say thank you. It’s a great opportunity for all the guys to be able to do it.'

As it turns out, Sydney’s (not named after Crosby) first-ever Penguins game was the night Crosby made his NHL regular-season debut in Pittsburgh.

After some final photos with the family, Reuben gave Crosby a farewell message.

'See you at the parade in June.'

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